Public Water Supply District No. 5
of Cape Girardeau County Mo

News and Updates

District Pursuing Funding For Second Well

Public Water Supply District Number 5 of Cape Girardeau County was created with the purpose and intent of securing and distributing a safe and economical supply of potable drinking water to the residents of its district.

The District went through an exhaustive process during the period of 2005-2010 to plan and obtain fiancing to contruct the current system. The present application, preliminary engineering report, and assicated details to the Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee represent alternatives that will allow the district to meet their obligation to their customers, both current and future.

Surveys were sent out to see if the median income of the area would qualify the District for Grant Assistance with several state agencies. Unfortunately, we did not get enough surverys returned. This puts the median income at $54,000, which disqualifies the District for Grant Assistance. The District is now investigating other avenues of financing.